Here is what you are going to do:

You are going to take different places in the US that the 54th Mass traveled to, and find them on Google Earth. You will then calculate how far that they had to walk, and how long it would have taken them. You will take into consideration that this was the first all black regiment, so they did not have the supplies that the other white regiments had. They were not provided with adequate footwear or socks until later in the War.

Here are the places that you will map out using Google Earth:
1. Readville, Massachusetts. This is the starting point of the journey of the 54th regiment, because this is where their training camp was held.
2. Hilton Head, South Carolina. This is the second stop in the trip, because this is where the regiment was first called to.
3. James Island, South Carolina. This is the third stop, because this is the place that the regiment had its first battle.
4. Morris Island (Battery Wagner) South Carolina. This is the fourth stop, and this stop has been memorialized by the movie Glory because this is the place that the 54th led a valiant effort to take over Morris Island, but lost.
5. Olustee, Florida. This is the last stop because this was the final battle that the 54th Mass ever fought.