Purple Team:

There are three wicked important steps to this webquest.

First you need to find two cars!

For finding the car information:
· Pick a car that is either a 2006 or 2007 because it is easier to find information on it.
· Unless you know a good site to find information on cars, here is one for you to use.
· The site is pretty easy to use all you have to do is pick a brand of car that you want to use and then on the next page choose the model that you would like to use.
· Once you choose a model it will ask you for which trim that you want, this includes things like engines and options.
· This screen will tell you that the highway MPG is, it is the second number on the right.
· To find the size of the gas tank you click on specs under the trip that you would like and then on that screen under Detailed Technical Specs and you can find the size of the gas tank.

*Make sure each team member puts this information in their own blog- make sure you have the make and model of the vehicle, the miles per gallon that it does on the highway and the size of the gas tank.

Second you need to find where you want to travel to!

For finding the trip information:
You can download Google Earth, which is free, or use Google Maps which you do not have to download. To find the directions all you have to do is look for the directions button and click on it and then enter the starting address ,which is your home, and your ending address, which is where you are going on your trip.You can decide which program to use; you will get the same results from both.

*Make sure each team member puts this in their own blog-you should have where you are going, how long google tell you it will take, and the distance in miles.
external image wifi.jpg

Math : You will have to do this twice; once for each vehicle.

  • The first calculation that you have to make is to double the distance that you get from the Google program, because you are calculating for the return trip also.
  • Then to find out how many gallons of gas you are going to use on the trip, you have to take the total number of miles traveled and divide it by the MPG that your car gets on the highway.
  • Next you have to take that number you just found and divide it by the size of your gas tank.
  • If you are getting numbers in the answers that have big decimals at the end just round the number to two decimal places, it will make the calculations much easier.
  • The last number that you found was the amount of times that you are going to have to fill your tank on the trip.
  • Next to find the total cost of the trip take the number of gallons used and multiply it by the price of gas that you would like to use.
  • Then to find the average of what you would pay each time that you fill the tank up divide the total cost of the gas and divide that by how many time you filled up.
  • To find what it would cost each of the people that are going on the trip take the total cost of gas and divide that by three.
  • The last step is to see how long the trip would take if you traveled 55 MPH, 65 MPH, 75 MPH, 85 MPH, and 95 MPH. I want you to make a graph of these points and see if the rate is steady or not.

Make sure all of your teammates have completed the Blog Assignments.