How you are going to do it:

Google Earth is not a very hard program to master. Here are a few easy steps that you should take to get started and complete the assignment.
  • Boot up the program.
* After program has initialized, there will be a search box on the left side of the window. In the search engine, type in the first location that was given.
  • Once you are at the location, there is a button on the top toobar that looks like a tack. Click on this button, and label the place however you would like to remind yourself where it is. Do this with the next four locations as well.
* Once you are finished doing this, and you have all the places marked with the yellow tack, it is time to measure the distance between each place to see just how far these men walked. On the same toolbar as the tack, go over four icons to the right ---> and click on the icon that looks like a small ruler.
  • Start with the first location, and measure to the second. Then you will measure from the second to the third, third to the fourth and so on.
  • Add the total of all the miles that the 54th Massachusetts walked.

Use this organizer to fill in all the information: