Blog Assignments

external image blogger_logo_blueprint_draft.jpg
There are a couple of things that need to be in each team member's blog.
  1. The Make and model of the two vehicles your team is choosing.
    1. Include the Highway miles per gallon the vehicles gets and the size of the gas tank!
  2. The name of the place your team is traveling to.
    1. Include the address of the place.
    2. The amount of time that the direction say it will take your team to get there.
    3. The distance in miles to get to your team's destination.
  3. Each team member also has to answer the following questions in the blog.
    1. Which vehicle do you think will do the best in terms of the lowest cost, before you make the calculations, why?
    2. After you made the calculations, which vehicle would you pick if you actually went on this trip, and why?
    3. Was there anything that surprised you from the calculations?
    4. Before your team makes the graph! What do you think the plotted points will look like?
    5. After your team has plotted the points. What does the graph look like, a line or something else? Why do you think this is?
  4. Here are some questions about the webquest itself.
    1. Did you like this project, why or why not?
    2. What could I change to make this project better?

The next step is the Evaluation.